SIL2 Voltage Transmitter MSK200-SIL-DX

The Duotec failsafe transmitters and power supplies developed by Mütec Instruments were upgraded with the MSK200-SIL-DX device for voltage monitoring from 0-1,000 V.

The redundant structure and other features of the transmitter guarantee a high degree of self-monitoring and thus fulfill the SIL2 requirements according to IEC 61508. The basis for the safety concept is formed by two microprocessors which, in addition to processing the measured values, carry out continuous self-monitoring task in the entire functional area. These are, for example, the measuring circuit, the output circuit, the auxiliary power, the relay contacts as well as the hardware and software itself. If an individual diagnosis is not plausible, the system independently reports and triggers an error alarm. The device has two redundant error relays that can be interconnected and combined with the analog output or with the alarm outputs. In the event of a fault, the device changes to a safe state and the relays indicate the fault to the process control system. The redundant design of the error relays maximizes the availability of the safety function and guarantees safe shutdown in the event of an error. A current error is indicated by a red error LED on the front panel, a past error by a flashing LED on the device. In addition, the device-specific software Winsmart displays the type of error in the integrated diagnostic manager and documents it in the integrated error memory for later tracking. This ensures that even short-term errors such as loose contacts can be localized. The devices can be configured and parameterized with a notebook via the front RS232 interface or via the RS485 bus from the control room. The software enables very simple and clear operation. Measuring range, all output data, the 3 limit values, the tolerance ranges as well as measuring accuracy, filter times etc. can be easily adjusted with a single click.

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